Samsung Tv Dead DNIeJr

Samsung DNIeJr death total, timeout is checked perforated horizontal transistor. Lift the transistor then checks +150 v B, maybe B + ride? Replace R, IC KIA431 no results still 150v B +.
Try changing the transistor can start a new Tv and B + drops to suit 123v pcb listed, but only a few seconds once the hot horizontal transistors have not gotten out the picture.


Checks drawn on a horizontal area out, check capacitor, diode, even to check the yoke are all still okay.
Try measuring the output voltage flyback there is everything.

As he turned back and try to think there is a hissing sound and hold transistor flyback horizontal turns hot.
I think there is a problem on the possibility of transistor osc or less horizontal drive.

And it was after measured horizontally only 8V drive voltage, the voltage that is unable to drive the feedback voltage from the flyback voltage is taken from the +16 v vertical IC,, and in fact the destruction of the measured diode IN4004 is worn but still good

Finally, immediately replace the IN4007 because this was just existing.
Try to turn on the TV while the voltage measured at the drive travo horiontal now there because after the diode voltage is 15V R56 OHM and tv there had been able to light up normally.

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