Refrigerator Cold Part

This article is an answer to the question someone via email, he was complaining about her refrigerator not cold refrigerator space but only on its course
As in many problems like this, the freezer can freeze but others do not, this guide on how to cope and do not have to cost you if you want to try it for yourself, please follow these ways:
1. Check the rubber door is still intact or whether it is not torn, when the door is closed between the surface and the front of the refrigerator door shut.
new or replaced if torn, if only out of the brace loosen the first bolt and then the rubber input back into the gap that should be so that when the bolts are tightened properly will be squeezed back.

2. Check on his part that is not cold by the door as she felt the pressure switch by hand if you feel there is wind or not, if not certainly will not cause cold water or dirt is frozen so that the narrow channel or passage of air inside the refrigerator (see figure ), these channels should be free from any blocking so that air can circulate smoothly.

Check the inside of his refrigerator bottom especially if wet and dripping water until it comes out (flood) water is a sign of clogged drains.
His solution unplug the plug from the electrical outlet and open the lid to clean the evaporator its existing frost on the evaporator and the other with water (use a hose from the tap water or use water spraying devices), let the water flow throughout the frost wiped out the froze as he noticed the water had to get out of the sinkhole and its waterways are not clogged, if you want to speed up the process so that the dirt wear warm water, fatty fish or meat, ice cream and other clean faster.

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