Creating CCTV's Camera Using the Handphone

Good news
for all nokia symbian phone owners. If you have bluetooth on your laptop or desktop computer, then you can now use your phone camera as a laptop like a CCTV camera.

It allows users to transform a Bluetooth enabled camera phone into a wireless webcam to be used in conjunction with a PC / Laptop.


* Use Camera Phone as Webcam wirless
* Record video with a PC application WWIGO.
* Can be used on messengger yahoo or other chat applications.
* Live upload to Youtube
* Video Quality better or comparable to off shelf webcam *
* Supported devices Nokia Series 60 v2.0 and Series 60 v3.0 phone

System Requirements

* Desktop / Laptop with Windows 2000 or Windows XP SP2
* Bluetooth enabled with any one of these bluetooth Stack, Microsoft Bluetooth Stack,
* Widcomm Bluetooth Stack, Toshiba Bluetooth Stack
* Mobile Phone: Nokia Series 60 v2.0 or v3.0 phone.

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