SonicGear Armaggeddon A3

To pamper strong voice beneficiary, SonicGear presents the line of speaker 21 canals at this Armaggeddon A3 series. With output total 46 watts RMS or equivalent is 920 PMPO, ARMAGGEDDON A3 the semesti enough strong as speaker 21 to shock your room.

The excess likely becomes this product focus so that a few 'forgets' design side. Beholds is just its form cubic lose looks and tends to very conventional. The Subwoofer using driver 5" with power of 30 watts RMS which the frontage is given list LED color orange which interesting of when is flamed. Bass air discard is directed to backside (back firing) so that more accurately if when backside subwoofer is hard wall. For setelite is applied [by] driver 3 "plus tweeter 1" that vowel effect felt stronger. With power of 30 watts RMS. navigation of Voice control at speaker (volume, bass, and treble) collected at frontage subwoofer but port mic, earphone, and aux disappears from speaker.

Entirety of voice quality yielded by this Armaggeddon A3 can be pointed thumb with bass jerk power uniting balance with treble capable to create accurate rhythm in ear. At voice maximum level which presents very strong and still can neutralize distortion good enough. Speaker at the price of Rp 600 thousand compatible for you are which want strength of audio for PC and or rotator CD/DVD in room;chamber. Visit the site:

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