Problem Protect Polytron Tv MX-20323

- Series : Minimax
- Type : Color Television
- Surround Sound : Yes
- Picture Noise Reduction : Yes
- Fitur : Wooden Panel
- Size : 20
- Auto Volume Level : Yes
- Picture Improvement : Yes
- Input / Output : Dual AV / AV
- Bass Function : Subwoofer
- TV System : PAL/NTSC AV
- CATV Cable Ready : Yes
- Audio Output : Subwoofer
- Auto Standby / Auto Tuning : Yes
- Music Mode : Yes
- Field Strength Meter : Yes
- Sleep Timer : Yes On/Off
- Infra Red Remote Control : Yes
- AVR : 110-240 VAC
- Bass, Treble & Balance Control : Yes

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Initially this case enable to make headache, but once discovered the cause is actually the case very easy. Polytron type MX-20 323 with tv damage when in turn it has always come back to standby.Cek was done, and found elco C507 = 10uf/63V and elco elco-14V on the bulging area of all, I just straight cash instead of all-elco,and re-soldering I do first in the vertical area, regulators, horizontal, and the area of ​​output regulators, then  I try to turn it on, there was no effect, then moved to the area of ​​examination in which the vertical here protect source circuit, all elco did I change in this area, then I try to turn on the tv, but still nil.Then STV2286C try to replace it also does not have a reaction.I was also check all the voltages of all normal, except that the voltage on pins SDA and SCL it only measured 2.7 V only, hmmmm .... there is something wrong here. Then I check all the R and ZD / D in all the circuit, and arrived at R807 = 82K, I found in a broken state, I just try to replace the resistors and my direct tv turn on and live a normal life. delight my heart. R807 had apparently decided to make the ABL voltage to drop cash just assume there is an error ic program and directly activate the system protect, it's just so easy

This is picture of main Ic STV2286 at Polytron color TV MX-20323

STV2286 IC is an integrated process  signalPIF, SIF, Video and Chroma for PAL, SECAM and NTSC.

This is standard setting factory:

*****POLYTRON MX 20323T*****
AGC GAIN =26H. U-BLK =08H. HI-AGC=1AH. B-CUT=70.
OPTIONO =01000011. V-BLK =08H. H-SIFT=08. G-CUT=87.
OPTION1 =10011010. BRTS =OOH H-BOW=04. R-CUT=32.
OPTION2=:00001001. Y DELAY =07. H-PARA=06. V-AMPL=32.
OPTION3=:00011100. WB BRI =46H. S-COR=27. V-CENT=24
H-OSD =23H. WB CON =64H. V-LIN=15.
V-OSD =16H. WB COL=32H. B-DRV=64.
V-SHIFT =00H. LO-AGC=19H. G-DRV=46.
OPTION 0 01001011
OPTION 1 01001000
OPTION 2 00011001
OPTION 3 00001101
****polytron mx stv 2286c*****
 H-SIHFT/14. APR/7. G-DC/21. R-DC/29. B-GAIN/50. G-GAIN/30. R-GAIN/36. B-CUT/60. G-CUT/60. R-CUT/60. V-AMPL/32. V-SHIFT/6. OPTION0/01011011. OPTION1/10001110. 0PTION2/11000011. OPTION3/00001100. BASS MIX/0. AVL ADJ/0. NTSC FILTER/0. SECAM FILTER/0. Y DELAY STAND/ . AGC/14. IF COARSE/6. IF FINE/152
Thank's and success for all
Written by Dodit(Solikin)

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