How to Replace Template on Blogspot

Overview of the blog template, template website or blog is a web page designs or blog and all its components (eg images, stylesheets, etc.) either in the form of static files and dynamic files that a program or application that runs as a web application. As you can see today, that the apparent order of images and text on your screen, that is what is called a template.

In blogger or blogspot, you can can change your blog template freely in accordance with the tastes and desires of each. If you have been adept at making your own templates, you can use these templates for your blog. However, if you still lay in making the template, blogger or blogspot itself has provided some templates that you can choose as you wish. In addition, you can also download or download a free blogger templates blogger templates provider, one of the examples of websites that provide blogger template is located at, there are hundreds of blogger templates that you can use for free. however, if you use free templates, requirements that must be obeyed is not allowed to delete or remove credit links from the template creator. By not discard credit link template creator, it is as appreciation for their hard work in providing templates for free.

Jump to the main topic, How to change the template on blogspot or blogger there are two ways, namely replacing the template with the template provided blogspot, or replace the template with a template derived from a template provider. we. Here's his review:

Replacing Template Template provided by blogger

Here are ways to change the template with a template that has been provided bloggers:

 1. Please login to blogger with your ID. 

 2. Click the Design.
3.Klik Template Designer menu. The next window will appear blogger template designer.
4.Klik the template options are available (as of this writing template avaiable totaling 6 template). In addition, you can also choose the background or a background image of the template. If it is matched with one of the templates, click APPLY TO BLOG 

Replacing Templates with the templates from the template provider

Here are ways to change the template with a template from template providers:

1. Download first template that you like on the website free blog template provider. One example you can download blogger templates. 

 2. Downloaded the template file, usually still in the form of compressed (zip or rar), therefore you need to extract or describe the file with software extractor such as WinZip or WinRar, however if you do not have the software, you can extract online at Wobzip 
3.Template later on uploaded or upload it to blogger is just a file extension. Xml.
4.Please login to blogger with your ID
5.Klik design
6.Klik HTML Edit menu.
7.Recomendation to make a backup first, click on the Download Full Template

8.Klik .. Browse button, select the template file has been downloaded and extracted (file extension. Xml only). Then click the Upload button.
9.When there appears a warning about the widget, click on the button KEEP WIDGETS.
10. Finish

Now view your blog feels more fresh than before

Good luck!

Written by Dodit(Solikin)

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