How To Install Windows 7 Seven | Tutorial Guide

How to install windows seven 7 - windows 7 Seven The installation process is very different from the Windows XP installation process is mostly used. This time we will discuss the steps to install windows seven 7 or familiar called Windows Seven. Seven benefits of Windows without installing drivers.
1. Prepare the installation DVD of Windows Seven (7) and record the serial number
2. Set the computer to boot from the dvd, the settings made ​​via the bios, usually press delete or f2 when the new computer is switched on select settings then select dvd rom boot into the first order. save the configuration bios by pressing F10.
3. Insert the Installation DVD
4. Press any key when it says boot from cd or dvd
5. Display appears as shown below

6.If appear as below, click next

7.Click install now

8.Check mark then click next

9.Since we're doing a clean install then select Custom (advanced)

10. Select the partition that will be used to install windows seven (7), the examples below have not been in for hard drive into multiple partitions, if you want to split into several partitions before the installation process select the Drive options (advanced) there we can create, delete and resize partitions. but from the confused for the first time better the windows installation directly select the next course, yet the division of the partition can be done after the installation process is complete.

11. The installation process begins . The installation process takes a long time ..
how to install windows 7

12. After the above process complete computer will automatically restart itself. then appear as below

13. Type a user name and the name of your computer
14. Then input the password for the security of your computer. If it does not fill your computer there is no password.
15. Insert the Windows Product key that has been noted in the beginning was, if there is no trial period you get windows 7 for 30 days
16. Further settings if windows will be automatically updated or not
17. Then the time zone settings

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Written by Dodit(Solikin)

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