Guide to Blog on Blogspot

A.What is Blog?

Blog is stands for from "Web log" is one of the web application in the form of writings commonly referred to as a posting on a web page. The writings are often sorted from the latest and followed by a long time.
Initially, the blog was created as personal records are stored online, but now the contents of a blog is very varied which contains tutorials (eg this blog), vent, businesses and others. In general, the blog is no different to the existing site on the internet.
Flatform blog or often referred to as a blog engine created as such by the designer blog so easy to use. First, to create web applications requires a knowledge of HTML programming, PHP, CSS, etc., with blogs everything becomes easy as calling the numbers 1 2 3 4

B. How to create a blog on blogspot

One of the free blog providers are quite popular today is the blogspot or blogger, whereby when sign in is through the site but the domain name you will get is a sub domain from blogspot, for example:
Why make a blog on blog provider site rather than on the other? Actually there is no necessity to create a blog on blogger, but there are many advantages of bloggers in the appeal to another blog provider. Some examples of comparative advantages in other blogspot is easy in operation making it suitable for beginners, more flexibility in changing and editing your blog template so that the view will be more fresh for your own creations, custom domain or you can rename your blog with your own domain name eg converted into, while still using the blogspot hosting and still remain free.
It should be emphasized from the beginning that the Internet is highly dynamic, so it may be in some future time to create a blog on blogspot guide will be slightly different than what you see on

To reduce the unnecessary things in writing, here's how to create a blogger at

C.Creating Email
One of the requirements that must be met in a blog is that you have an email address is still active or in use. If you do not have an email address, please register in advance at gmail because blogger is one of Google's services when signing in to blogger then you should use a gmail email. If you do not understand how to create an email, please use the Google search engine to look for guidance

D.Blog List in Blogger

1. Please visit
2. Once the registration page is open, turn your attention to the upper right, change the language to Indonesia to be more easily understood. Please direct login using your gmail username and password (for the email account you can log into blogger).

3.Klik button marked Create YOUR BLOG.
4.Fill name of the blog title and blog address in want. Remember! in making the blog address must be really serious because it can not be permanently replaced again (unless later replace with a custom domain). If the desired address it can not be used, re-enter another address that is still available. If desired blog address is still available, please click on the arrow labeled CONTINUE.

5.Please select the template that you like (this template will be changed again anytime you want), then click CONTINUE 

6.Will appear the words "Your blog has been created!". Please continue by clicking the button STARTBLOGGING
7.After into the post editor, please fill in anything (recommended to fill the post, usually if not outright posts will be netted robot blogger's anti-spam, and your blog will be in the lock). Example: hello world. Click the Preview button to see a display that would later appear on the blog, click the Publish button ENTRY if the post you want published to the public.

For the initial stage, your blog is finished and can be accessed anywhere

Writed by Dodit(Solikin)

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