The initial symptoms of this tv black screen (no image at all). If all of 110v B + voltage, 28V, 18V, 11V, video out 180v, Filemen and G2 all under normal circumstances, but still in the dark.
Measures we have to do is:
The first step:
Try replacing C (ceramic) G2, these components typically used to cause the screen went black.
If alredy in the locker kramik still too dark G2 please follow the next step.
The third step is:

Please check the freshness of its CRT tube is still fresh or has been in love aus.the way with external voltage to the filament, and then measuring the cathode pin with avometer 1k.if position deviation of the needle avometer small so clear tube not healthy ... because the tube thus the normal range is 1/2-3/4.if like it tube so definitely need to restore ....
Here's how I include scheme tube restore:

Similarly friend hope help .... by solikin technicians

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